Wise Thought of The Day #8

September 15, 2017

“The problem is not that people are like computers, running programs, the problem is people are also the users of that computer, even when it has bad data or corrupted files.” 

– TWS 


Wise Thought of the Day #7

August 29, 2017

“Sometimes when people tell you that they cannot tell you the truth to spare your feelings that may be true, but chances are they are also sparing themselves from feeling certain emotions as well.”


Wise Thought of the Day #6

September 6, 2016


“Out of all the treasures we seek in life, there is nothing so precious or so scarce as reciprocated romantic love.”


Wise Thought of the Day # 5

August 8, 2016


“One of the reasons behind true kinship and affection is that every person is kind of like a mixed drink.

You can always find another drink of that type but the magic is in the mixture.

Some are made weaker, some are made too strong, but sometimes you find one made ‘just right. ‘”


Wise Thought of the Day # 4

July 19, 2016

1174850_607073692647083_1374033969_n“Time never drags so slow as it does in inpatient apprehension.”


Wise Thought of the Day # 3

July 18, 2016

socrates wisest greek oracle nothingNot from my own noggin, but I love this quote so much and it is the plain truth:

“The ancient Oracle said I am the wisest of all the Greeks. It is because I alone, of all the Greeks, know I know nothing.” -Socrates

WiseThought of the Day # 2

July 18, 2016


“Physical beauty is only as attractive as the beauty that also resides within, for an ugly soul shines through the most persistent of veils.”


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