Sins of the Father

August 16, 2016

cropped-404193_353356824685439_994789052_n.jpgThe sins of the father shall be visited on the son a thousand times,

I’ve put myself on trial but it’s not me, these are not my crimes.

Swallowed poisoned thoughts, ingrained there by repetition,

Battered the lights given whenever I would go into remission.


And now faced with the decision,

Do we continue that stale transmission?

Or walk out into the fear that binds,

Lose these eyes that blind my own mind.

Daddy dearest, father blue, I’m now you.

And all I can ask is do you see me yet?


Drowned myself in evil medicine to heal thyself madly,

Clutching onto the dull cause I think I need it so badly.

Must stay still, must be the most silent god of gods,

We don’t ever spoil the child here, we spoil the rod.

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July 13, 2016

I don’t understand why people are lonely,IMAG1886
In an overpopulated world,
Don’t understand why the bad people,
Avoid the grinding spin and the whirls.

I don’t understand people going hungry,
When we just throw food away,
Don’t understand the misery,
we are causing everyday.

I don’t understand why people are homeless,
In a world of empty spaces.
Don’t understand the tragedies,
Between the gender and races.

We have lost the plot, all for naught,
Simple thing of greed.
thinking possessions are life,
and all wants are needs.

I can’t explain, my own disdain,
For the things we try to do,
Everything was free by the gods,
Yet here we are are writing I.O.U.s

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