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People only call to need salve when they burn,
When your skin is fresh and supple, there is no return,
When days are bright my court’s adjourned,
Being ‘loved’ in such a way is being used, when will I learn?

No days that count unless you bend on a scraped knee,
The Magic words are: “I need,” now watch them flee,
If you cast shadows after, that too is on me,
A man who loves so much forced never to be.

The world’s cold extreme exclusion,
While you live in a gilded glowing illusion,
It’s OK to kill if it means your absolution,
Never mind the blood and the other’s confusion.

Lay down the sword only to pick up the shield,
Against false prophets, lies they do wield,
My brain is set to naught, my heart is peeled,
Only desperation and exasperation in my field.

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