About Me

This is the very random website of sometimes writer Thomas William Spychalski.

There are pages here for just about everything I have going from my paranormal site News From the Spirit World.com to many other projects and websites.

It also contains the occasional bout of spontaneous writing exclusive to this website.

I can be contacted at the email below or via the information on the contact page.



11 Responses to About Me

  1. Shadeau says:

    Love the Snoopy!

    • Thanks I thought it was pretty cool myself..now where was I?
      Oh yes…

      “It was a dark and stormy night…” 😉

      • Shadeau says:

        Hahahahaha, oh thank you for making me laugh today…when I was in college (yeah, the Dark Ages), Joe Cool was my boyfriend 🙂

      • Dark Ages eh? How did you do at blacksmithing ?

        Peanuts was always a good comic strip and much more adult then people realized at the time as well.

        Each kid and of course Snoopy and Woodstock are almost archetypes of different types of Human personalities and Psychoses.

        And because it uses those adult type themes and characters with such cute art and a simplicity that defies definition it is a classic and also very funny!

        I for one relate to Good ‘Ol Charlie Brown and I even like redheads…and have about the same luck with them as well lol.

      • Shadeau says:

        How fun– Charlie Brown, huh? I’m guessing there’s a whole club of Charlie Browns that are grateful to have made it in the comics. You’re right about all the archetypes–I’m not sure which character is mine, probably I’m a composite (I can hear myself saying, “my sweet babboo”!) And to answer your question, I failed blacksmithing 101, along with Art History…finally dropped out, having taken all the English classes (my major) available 🙂

      • Well smithing is not for everyone, you really have to swing the hammer to succeeded.. 😊

      • Shadeau says:

        Yeah, and I’m just a light-weight woman 🙂 My power tool is a hand mixer!

      • Never underestimate a hand mixer…. 😊

      • Shadeau says:

        But finding a good one seems impossible–I’m ever on a quest 🙂

      • A quest for the holy hand mixer… It is said it whips cream with nary a twist of the wrist.

      • Shadeau says:

        Indeed, Sire!

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