Music: New Morning (Start Over)

September 14, 2017

Should be getting to posting four new tracks (Paralyze, Best in Show, The Destroyer and If He Could See, not that that matters to anyone at this point lol) between now and the end of 2017 and have a few more past recordings to post before then for this section and as this one has a backstory might as well start here, as there are three completely different versions of one song, for reasons to become apparent shortly…read on.


New Morning (Start Over) was originally written and conceived on one particular morning in the Spring of 2002 I will probably never forget. Having romance troubles (Which is the same subject matter as Hearts in Shade, written one week prior) and not being able to sleep always get creativity flowing in my experience music wise.

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Thomas Spychalski-Hearts in Shade-2002 Demo

July 12, 2016

So now that the prior post is out of the way and we have all this lovely virtual space, let’s expand the content here a bit and post the music that exists so far in at least a demo form, some old, some new-ish.

We start with the one I still think shows the most of what I am capable of, and lyrics and more background can be found by reading the full post below the video.

Also likes, shares and subscriptions never go unwanted or unnoticed either to say nothing of comments.

Thank you!

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