Last Call

imag0806Ten miles past the mile marker of yesterday,

wild and untamed could there be any other way?

Got to be here for the now and the ever  present,

True face is shown, no masks of the unworthy or the peasant.


Inside this place, they can take all the doubt and pain away,

drink it all down and be assured in time you will pay.

They serve what you want, make sure your voice is clear

understanding is not enough, there must be no more fear.


Then the voice comes saying ‘last call.’

I’m sorry sir, did I get to drink anything at all?

You see I got in late this time, weather was a bitch.

Cold as hell, black as a mine and sorry for the twitch.


You see I want a little pick me up,

something to warm me in my cup.

Been thirsty so long, forgot how to drink.

I wanna dive right in, but still afraid I’ll sink.


Also here you can get so very much intoxicated,

Put good tunes on the jukebox, get sedated.

If you’re angry you can always start a bar brawl,

At the end of the night if you can’t stand you can crawl.


The bouncers will always stand guard by that old beaten wooden door,

and if you can’t do anything but make trouble your bound for the floor.

They’ll give you a room if you have to stay safe for the lonely night ahead,

but no one can hear you speak if you’re so drunk you can’t even raise your head.


Then the voice comes saying ‘last call.’

I am sorry sir, do I need your permission at all?

See the weather’s a bitch but yeah so am I.

Hard as hell, loaded well, when I don’t deny.


You see I wanna just come right on down,

on solid footing and still coming around.

Been fighting so long, forgot, is this victory?

this feels so right but I’m still afraid it’s not for me.


Then they called last call..and so came both the rise and the fall.

Thomas Spychalski

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