Scheduling Yourself

I have come across a small dilemma recently.

I am very proud to be the current main news writer and co-editor of Cult Britannia, as well as trying to take on other things, such as branching into short fiction.

However, as time goes on I find myself constantly falling behind, due mostly to the fact that I have to hold down a regular forty hour a week job besides the writing and I also have to have some kind of life, even though that life consists mainly of reading various things and hanging out at the Amityville Horror Truth Board.

So the other day I decided to have a little bit of fun with a marker and some highlighters and made myself make up a writing schedule.  I never have done this before and really gave it some thought so that way I could maximise my time on the keyboard and also not leave anything neglected, as this blog itself has been for a few weeks.

So far so good as tonight was working on Cult Britannia (Which is everyday to be honest) and working on this blog as well, and so far I have added some widgets, added Van Gough’s Starry Night as a background image and even added a Twitter widget (No Facebook widget Shame), which I guess means I’ll actuallt have to start posting things to my Twitter account so I can let the one person reading this blog can see what else I’m up to.

I have also scrawled a hastily written note at the very bottom of the schedule that reminds me that even though I have a set schedule, deadlines and any desire to belt out something inspired off schedule is OK, as long as I’m ultimately doing something constructive and not letting any one project or idea fall too far behind the pack.

I would suggest that any writer, pro or not, try to manage their time in such a manner, so far it does really seem to have helped.

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